In our modern, rapidly evolving society we find it necessary to initiate, conduct and participate in negotiations on a daily basis. Each of us strives to be as effective at negotiating as possible. That’s why it’s time to adopt professional negotiation methods to achieve the best results. Upon completing our course, you’ll gain knowledge and skills crucial to the art of negotiation, increase your self-confidence and gain the know-how to achieve your goals.

Our approach

Our course favours practice over theory. Why? In our years of experience, we’ve discovered that practical lessons are the easiest way to change habitual behaviour. Through practical lessons you achieve the best results, as the material is conveyed in an interactive and engaging way, aimed at high performance. Some of the modules are presented as roleplays, in which participants determine their negotiating advantages and get immediate feedback through group discussions, analysing video presentations and scoring. Interactive team games let you study case examples and practise being the best negotiator you can be.

Who can benefit from this course

This course is recommended for anyone wishing to improve his/her negotiating prowess and master the tricks, tactics and skills needed to achieve the desired results in negotiations.

Programme contents

  • Programme introduction
  • Important terms and definitions
  • Stages of the negotiation process
  • Factors in negotiation
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Negotiating styles
  • Evaluation of negotiating styles
  • Survey
  • Negotiation tricks and techniques
  • Practical lessons: test and roleplay
  • Case example
  • Portrait of an effective negotiator
  • Evaluations and opinions
  • Review

Upon completing our course

  • You’ll learn ways to persuade and influence people, and be able to achieve your goals more quickly and effectively
  • You’ll have a better understanding of the needs and wants of your partners and colleagues
  • You’ll learn how to widen the scope of agreements and broker complex agreements using our tricks and techniques
  • You’ll discover your negotiating style and learn in which situations it works best and when to turn to other negotiating styles
  • You’ll learn how to control negotiations with tough and decisive negotiators
  • You’ll learn how to recognise manipulating tactics and counter them
  • You’ll learn how to use your negotiating advantages effectively and for mutual benefit
  • You’ll learn negotiating techniques and broaden your experience in negotiation
  • You’ll get professional advice from negotiation experts
  • You’ll learn to control your emotions and increase your self-confidence
  • You’ll learn how to earn your reputation and the trust of your negotiation partners