About the course

Professional negotiators should always act in the best interests of their company. They have to broker strategically important, long-term deals on a daily basis. They’re well-versed in the science of negotiation, and at home in international negotiations and intercultural exchanges. They’re well aware of the competitive edge their ability to negotiate professionally and effectively gives them.
Upon completing our Negotiation for Professionals course, you’ll hone your own competitive edge and learn how to facilitate mutually beneficial collaboration, update your knowledge of the best negotiation practices and maximize your interaction with partners and colleagues.
The foundation of our approach is theory reinforced by the broadest possible toolset of practical skills. We use the latest negotiation tricks and aim to personalize the knowledge gained by each individual course participant.

Who can benefit from this course

The Negotiation for Professionals programme is designed for experienced people with a long and proven history as negotiators. Those who wish to deepen their understanding of the negotiator’s art will also find it useful, studying the latest negotiation techniques.

Brief course description

Our course is designed for teaching advanced negotiators from businesses of different types and spheres. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the newest trends in the art of negotiation, refresh your knowledge and skills in building complex agreements and update your existing skills in practical business exercises and cases.

Upon completing our course

Our Negotiation for Professionals course focuses on practice, so most of the time is spent on practical cases and analyzing your habitual behaviour. You’ll evaluate the effectiveness of your approach and negotiating style in roleplays and simulations for experienced negotiators and make changes in your habitual behaviour to perfect your negotiation mastery.
In our years of experience, we’ve discovered that practical lessons are the easiest method for changing habitual behaviour. Through practical lessons you achieve the best results, as the material is conveyed in an interactive and engaging way, aimed at high performance. The modules are presented as roleplays, in which participants determine their negotiating advantages and get immediate feedback through group discussions, analysing video presentations and scoring. Interactive team games let you study case examples and practise being the best negotiator you can be.

Course contents

Day 1

  • Introductions
  • Goals and objectives
  • Important terms and definitions
  • Stages of the negotiation process
  • Factors in negotiation
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Negotiating styles
  • Evaluation of negotiating styles
  • Survey
  • Negotiation tricks and techniques
  • Practical lessons: test and roleplay
  • Case example
  • Portrait of an effective negotiator
  • Evaluations and opinions
  • Review

Day 2

  • Traps in negotiation – manipulative traps, verbal traps, power traps
  • The language of negotiation
  • Cultural differences in negotiation
  • Emotions in negotiation. Controlling emotions
  • Practical lessons: test and roleplay
  • Case example
  • Skills and know-how
  • Persuasion and reasoning
  • Evaluations and opinions
  • Review